Working with the 2002 Accreditation Standards: The Faculty's Role

Accreditation Committee

The Academic Senate for California Community Colleges has a long standing tradition of encouraging faculty involvement in the self study process and in serving on accreditation teams and at the Commission. Though the Academic Senate takes exception with the 2002 Accreditation Standards, particularly their reliance on marketplace values, faculty roles in accreditation are essential to a healthy peer review process and founded in the Education Code and Title 5 Regulations. This paper identifies the many roles faculty must play in the self-study activities: determining how outcomes and objectives should be defined and evaluated; participating throughout the accreditation process from data gathering to responding to drafts; functioning as visiting team members; serving on the Commission, and finally, by responding to Commission actions and recommendations. Appendices include a brief history and overview of accreditation and a consideration of Academic Senate resolutions and resources related to accreditation. In sum, this paper stresses the faculty's roles at the local level and how this experience serves as a precursor to contributing to accreditation efforts on other campuses and in representation on the Commission itself.