10.07 Cancellation of Events

The Academic Senate (ASCCC) hosts various types of professional development events statewide and throughout the year. Sometimes, an ASCCC event may need to be cancelled due to low enrollment, natural disaster, or other extenuating circumstance beyond control of the ASCCC.

In the case that an ASCCC event has to be cancelled, the following procedures will need to be followed:

  • Immediate and official written communication will be sent to all individuals who are responsible for presenting at and coordinating the event.
  • When possible, notification will be sent out to attendees regarding the cancellation of the event, at least three-days (not including weekends) in advance of the event.  
  • Notification is sent to the field utilizing various ASCCC listservs, including but not limited to the senate president listserv.
  • If applicable, a notice of cancellation will be sent to host college(s).
  • The listing of the event will remain on the website, and will include information that the event is cancelled. Questions will be directed to events [at] asccc.org.