Academic Senate Papers

Below you will find a sortable list of Academic Senate papers. You may find that there is more than one paper on a given topic. If you want the most current information, please click on the most recent dated publication. Click on the table header to sort papers by year, title, topic, or committee.

Yearsort descending Title Topic Committee Download
1991 Definitions of Community Colleges Terms General Concerns Vocational Education Committee PDF
1991 Summary of Legislation, Regulations, and Reports Concerning Basic Skills Instruction in the Comminuty Colleges Curriculum PDF
1991 Implications of the Brown Act Provisions for Academic Senates Local Senates Legislative and Advocacy Committee PDF
1991 Basic Skills: Ad Hoc Basic Skills Committee Final Report Curriculum PDF
1991 Guidelines for Implementation of Section 53200 - 53204 of Title 5 of the Administrative Code of California Local Senates PDF
1991 Hiring Effective Faculty: An Introduction Professional Standards Educational Policies Committee PDF
1991 Student Equity: Proposal for Action Students Educational Policies Committee
1992 Recommendation on Length of the Academic Year General Concerns Educational Policies Committee
1992 California Community College Faculty Concerns about the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum Critical Thinking/English Composition Requirement Intersegmental Issues
1992 Strengthening the Accreditation Process Accreditation Accreditation Committee PDF
1992 Part-Time Faculty in the California Community Colleges PDF
1992 Graduate Students as Interns in the California Community Colleges Professional Standards Educational Policies Committee
1992 ABCs of Contract Education PDF
1992 Local Academic Senate Network (Geoclusters) Local Senates Relations with Local Senates Committee PDF
1992 Administrator Evaluation: Toward a Model Academic Administrator Evaluation Policy Professional Standards Educational Policies Committee PDF