Academic Senate Papers

Below you will find a sortable list of Academic Senate papers. You may find that there is more than one paper on a given topic. If you want the most current information, please click on the most recent dated publication. Click on the table header to sort papers by year, title, topic, or committee.

Year Titlesort descending Topic Committee Download
2010 Guiding Principles for SLO Assessment Curriculum PDF
1988 Hierarchical Approach to Shared Governance Local Senates PDF
1988 High Schools: Improving Articulation between High Schools and Community Colleges: Activities and Incentives Articulation and Transfer Educational Policies Committee PDF
1986 High Schools: Planning for Tomorrow: How to Prepare in High School for Your Community College Years Articulation and Transfer Educational Policies Committee PDF
1991 Hiring Effective Faculty: An Introduction Professional Standards Educational Policies Committee PDF
2015 History of C-ID and TMCs - An Academic Senate White Paper Curriculum Executive Committee PDF
1986 How to Transform a State Senate Resolution into a Local College Policy Local Senates Resolutions Committee
1988 Humanities Instruction in the California Community College: Renewing Our Commitment Curriculum Educational Policies Committee PDF
1987 Images of Teaching and Learning in Children's Literature Matriculation PDF
2011 Implementing Content Review for Communication and Computation Prerequisites Curriculum Curriculum Committee PDF
1991 Implications of the Brown Act Provisions for Academic Senates Local Senates Legislative and Advocacy Committee PDF
1980 Improving the Effectiveness of Local Senates Local Senates
1998 Information Competency in the California Community Colleges Library and Learning Resources Transfer, Articulation, and Student Services Committee PDF
2002 Information Competency: Challenges and Strategies for Development Curriculum Curriculum Committee PDF
1985 Instructor Advisement General Concerns Educational Policies Committee PDF