Academic Senate Papers

Below you will find a sortable list of Academic Senate papers. You may find that there is more than one paper on a given topic. If you want the most current information, please click on the most recent dated publication. Click on the table header to sort papers by year, title, topic, or committee.

Year Titlesort descending Topic Committee Download
2009 Noncredit Instruction: Opportunity and Challenge Curriculum Noncredit Committee PDF
1989 Part-time Faculty Hiring Procedures: A Model Based on Assembly Bill 1725 Educational Policies Committee PDF
1992 Part-Time Faculty in the California Community Colleges PDF
2002 Part-Time Faculty: A Principled Perspective Educational Policies Committee PDF
1998 Participating Effectively in District and College Governance Local Senates PDF
1998 Participation of Part-time Faculty on the Executive Committee of The Academic Senate for California Community Colleges Educational Policies Committee PDF
1998 Performance Based Funding: A Faculty Critique and Action Agenda General Concerns Educational Policies Committee PDF
1995 Perspective on Faculty Responsibilities: Suggestions for Local Senates Professional Standards Educational Policies Committee PDF
1994 Placement of Courses within Disciplines Curriculum Standards and Practices Committee PDF
1996 Plus and Minus Grading Options: Toward Accurate Student Performance Evaluations Grading Educational Policies Committee PDF
1989 Policies for Strengthening Local Academic Senates Local Senates PDF
2010 Practices that Promote Equity in Basic Skills in California Community Colleges Equity and Diversity Basic Skills Committee PDF
1987 Professional Standards for Faculty Professional Standards Educational Policies Committee PDF
1990 Profile of a Strong Senate (Or, How to Evaluate Your Own Senate) Local Senates Relations with Local Senates Committee PDF
1998 Program Discontinuance: A Faculty Perspective Curriculum Educational Policies Committee PDF