Academic Senate Papers

Below you will find a sortable list of Academic Senate papers. You may find that there is more than one paper on a given topic. If you want the most current information, please click on the most recent dated publication. Click on the table header to sort papers by year, title, topic, or committee.

Year Title Topic Committeesort descending Download
1982 Future Planning: Instruction as a Priority Curriculum Curriculum Committee PDF
2017 The Course Outline of Record: A Curriculum Reference Guide Revisited Curriculum Curriculum Committee PDF
1989 Local Senate Development of Joint Agreement with Administration: Suggestions for Implementation of Rerform Local Senates Executive Committee PDF
1997 The Academic Senate Perspective On The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 HR 3734, The Welfare Reform Act General Concerns Executive Committee PDF
2015 Academic Senate Rules Academic Senate Executive Committee PDF
2019 Equity-Driven Systems: Student Equity and Achievement in the California Community Colleges Diversity and Equity Executive Committee PDF
2020 Anti-Racism Education in the California Community Colleges Equity and Diversity Executive Committee PDF
2010 Data 101: Guiding Principles for Faculty White Paper Executive Committee PDF
2015 History of C-ID and TMCs - An Academic Senate White Paper Curriculum Executive Committee PDF
2020 Equivalence to the Minimum Qualifications Disciplines List Executive Committee PDF
2015 Effective Practices for Local Implementation of TMCs - An Academic Senate White Paper Curriculum Executive Committee PDF
2013 Statement on Competencies in Mathematics Expected of Entering College Students Articulation and Transfer ICAS Representatives PDF
2016 Statement of Competencies in the Natural Sciences Expected of Entering Freshmen Intersegmental Issues ICAS Representatives PDF
1991 Implications of the Brown Act Provisions for Academic Senates Local Senates Legislative and Advocacy Committee PDF
1990 Contract Education Summary Legislative and Advocacy Committee PDF