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January 3, 2022 and February 25, 2022

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Latest Rostrum Articles

Focus on Transfer: ADTs, UCTP Degrees, and Community College Bachelor’s Degree Programs
TOP Code Alignment Project and Impacts on Local Coding
Effective Participation in Governance: Policies and Practices
The History of the ASCCC Project: A Partial History of the Passage of AB 1725
Civic Engagement and Civil Discourse: If Not Now, Then When?
The California Community College and Intermediate Algebra
Recognizing the Excellence of Our Colleagues through Statewide and Local Awards
Curriculum Streamlining
Guided Pathways—What Are They and Where Are We Going?
The Vision for Success and Guided Pathways: Responding to Change
Guided Pathways: Two Professors’ Perspective on Why We Need the College GPS
Advanced Placement Examination Credit Policy for General Education
A Focus on History: Preserving the Heritage and Memories of the ASCCC
Faculty Leadership Institute, Legislative Pre-Session, and Liaisons
Planning for the ASCCC Plenary Session: Fortune Favors the Prepared
Why We Still Need the Common Assessment
Building Bridges: Collaborative Partnerships Bring Noncredit Event to CCCs
The ASCCC Budget and Fiscal Reporting
Power in the Collective: Faculty, Collegial Consultation, and Collaboration
Understanding and Navigating the Equivalency Process: A CTE Faculty Perspective
Accreditation Reform and the Warren Bill
The Disciplines List Revision Process is Now Annual and Starts Now
Can You Hear Us Now? Community Colleges and the Campus Pride Index
Participatory Governance in the Face of Initiative Fatigue
Apprenticeship Programs in the California Community Colleges: A Primer