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January 6, 2020
March 9, 2020

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Latest Rostrum Articles

Titlesort descending Published Author
The College Catalog: An Academic and Professional Matter

April 2006

  • Angela Caballero de Cordero
    Curriculum Committee Member
The Community College Initiative: Make An Informed Decision

September 2007

  • Jane Patton
    Vice President, Executive Committee
  • Rich Hansen
    De Anza College, President, California Community College Independents
The Concept of Credit Courses: Another Look at Course Repetition and Repeatability

September 2014

  • David Morse
    ASCCC President, Co-chair System Advisory Council on Curriculum 2011-13
  • Julie Bruno
    ASCCC Vice-President, Co-chair System Advisory Council on Curriculum 2013-14
  • Michelle Grimes-Hillman
    ASCCC Curriculum Chair, Co-chair System Advisory Council on Curriculum 2014-15
The COR (Course Outline of Record) of the Objective

September 2008

  • Wheeler North
    Curriculum Committee, Past Chair
The Corporatization of Higher Education

September 2005

  • Zwi Reznik
    Educational Policies Committee 2004-05
  • Bob Grill
    Chair, Technology Committee 2004-05
  • Leon Marzillier
    Area C Representative
The Course Outline of Record vs. Academic Freedom

September 2011

  • Beth Smith
    Vice President
The CTE Way: Decisions that Affect Student Success

December 2010

  • Wheeler North
    Chair, Occupational Education Committee
The Curriculum Committee

October 2001

  • Elton Hall
The Deferral

September 2012

  • Wheeler North
The Devil's in the Pragmatism

February 2006

  • Ian Walton
The Digital Divide: Information Competency, Computer Literacy, and Community College Proficiencies

March 2009

  • Cathy Cox
    Member, Counseling and Library Faculty Issues Committee
The Disciplines List Hearings

February 2002

  • Scott Lukas
The Disciplines List Revision Process is Now Annual and Starts Now

February 2017

  • John Freitas
    ASCCC Standards and Practices Committee Chair
The Disciplines List Revision Process is Now Annual and Starts Now!

April 2018

  • John Freitas
    ASCCC Standards and Practices Committee Chair
The ERWC: An Additional Approach to Increasing College Readiness

February 2012

  • Micah Jendian
    ECCTYC Liaison to the CSU ERWC Advisory Committee
  • Jon Drinnon
    Executive Committee Area B Representative
The Forgotten Ones: Whom Do We Represent?

May 2005

  • Jane Patton
    Occupational Education Committee Chair
The Fork in the Road

February 2006

  • Shaaron Vogel
The Future ASCCC Mission

March 2014

  • Beth Smith
The Genie in the Bottle: Disaggregation of Student Learning Outcomes Data

September 2015

  • Randy Beach
    ASCCC Accreditation and Assessment Committee Chair
The High Tech Center Training Unit

October 2003

  • Mark Wade Lieu
    Former Technology Committee Chair
The History of the ASCCC Project: A Partial History of the Passage of AB 1725

September 2017

  • David Morse
    History of the ASCCC Project Chair
The History of the ASCCC Project: The Founding of the ASCCC

February 2019

  • David Morse
    Long Beach City College, ASCCC President 2014-2016
The Human Side of Section 508

March 2004

  • Patrick Hudak
    Technology Committee Members
  • Michelle Pilati
    Technology Committee Members
The Impact of the Overuse of Part-Time Faculty

February 1999

  • Bill Scroggins
The Importance of Designated CTE Liaisons for Local Senates

October 2016

  • Lorraine Slattery-Farrell
    CTE Leadership Chair
  • Jolena Grande
    CTE Leadership Committee member