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January 6, 2020
March 9, 2020

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Latest Rostrum Articles

Titlesort ascending Published Author
Power and Paranoia: Effective Senates are Victors, not Victims

April 2003

  • Hoke Simpson
Possible Changes And Potential Challenges: The Recommendations Of The Chancellor’s Office Professsional Development Committee

April 2013

  • Dianna Chiabotti
    North Representative
  • David Morse
Political Mobilization

April 2003

  • Ian Walton
Policy Issues Regarding Alternative Developmental-to-Transfer-level Mathematics Pathways

December 2012

  • Beth Smith
    Vice President
  • Phil Smith
    At-Large Representative
Plus and Minus Grading Debate at San Diego Mesa

October 1998

  • Jim Wales
    Academic Senate President, San Diego Mesa College
Playing Nice: Academic Senates in Multi-College Districts

May 2007

  • Richard Mahon
    Member, Relations with Local Senates and Executive Committee
Planning for the ASCCC Plenary Session: Fortune Favors the Prepared

April 2017

  • Randy Beach
    Resolutions Chair
Planning and Budget: The Wisdom of Title 5

October 1999

  • Hoke Simpson
    Vice President
Placement of Dual Enrolled High School Students Under AB 705

July 2019

  • Craig Rutan
    Santiago Canyon College
Perspectives on Student Success

September 2011

  • Michelle Pilati
Perspectives on Regionalization and Enrollment Management

December 2012

  • Michelle Pilati
Perspectives on 1143 and 1440

November 2011

  • Michelle Pilati
Performance Based Funding: Not A Partnership

April 1998

  • Linda Collins
Perceptions of Campus Climate and Engagement for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Community College Students

September 2012

  • Crystal Kiekel
    Director, Center for Academic Success, Los Angeles Pierce College
Pedagogy of Love: Organic Praxis in Teaching and Learning

March 2009

  • Elva Salinas
    Professional Development Coordinator, San Diego City College
Pedagogical-and Other-Approaches toAuthenticate Student Identity

December 2008

  • Michelle Pilati
    Member, Educational Technology Advisory Committee (ETAC)
Pay Now or Pay Later: The Future of California

March 2011

  • Raymond Hicks
    ESL faculty and senate president elect at Santa Ana College
Partnership: Problems and Paradoxes

April 1999

  • Linda Collins
Participatory Governance in the Face of Initiative Fatigue

February 2017

  • Leigh Anne Shaw
    Relations with Local Senates Committee
Participate! How to Get Faculty Engaged and Involved

September 2011

  • Dolores Davison
    North Representative
  • Julie Bruno
    Area A Representative
Participants Learn About State Budget Process

February 1999

  • Dennis Smith
Part-time Paper Adopted Amid Controversy

February 1999

  • Hoke Simpson
Part-time Issues Highlighted at Fall 2010 Plenary

December 2010

  • Jon Drinnon
    Faculty Development Committee Chair
Part-time Issues

September 1997

  • Chris Storer
    Part-time Philosophy Instructor, De Anza College
Part-time Faculty: Where Are We Now?

December 2008

  • Richard Mahon
    Executive Committee Member