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September 25, 2020
January 4, 2021
March 8, 2021

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Latest Rostrum Articles

Titlesort descending Published Author
Shifting from Passion to Purpose: Moving Past Our Emotions So We Can Do What’s Right All the Time

July 2020

  • Erick O. Bell
    Las Positas College
Shooting the Messenger

September 2004

  • Kate Clark
Showing Gratitude – Recognizing Good Work

September 2013

  • Julie Adams
    Executive Director
SLO Regional Meetings Address Collaborating for High Standards in Program Review

May 2009

  • Janet Fulks
    Academic Senate
  • Marc Beam
    Research and Planning Group
So You Want to Form a Caucus?

December 2010

  • Lionell Nash
    Equity and Diversity Action Committee
  • Reyes Ortega
    Equity and Diversity Action Committee
So, You're Thinking about a Vote of No Confidence: 10+ Questions to Ask

October 2003

  • Jane Patton
    Area B Representative
So? So! So. phistication

February 2007

  • Wheeler North
    Area D Representative
Sound Decisions Begin with Listening

February 2018

  • Julie Bruno
SP Grading – Huge Win for Noncredit

February 2017

  • Jarek Janio
    Santa Ana College
Speak, Converse, Verbalize, Articulate, Dialogue, Write, Act!

May 2007

  • Greg Gilbert
Stable Funding Key to Student Success

November 2011

  • Beth Smith
    Vice President
  • Phil Smith
    At-Large Representative
Standards and Practices

October 2001

  • Scott Lukas
    Standards and Practices Committee Chair
Starting Students off on the Right Foot and Keeping Them on the Right Track!

May 2011

  • Kevin Bontenbal
    Chair, Counseling and Library Faculty Issues Committee
State Committees

June 1999

State-Level Budget Processes: Consultation and Collaboration to Address System Needs

February 2020

  • Dolores Davison
    ASCCC Vice-President
Statewide Career Pathways: Creating School to College Articulation (SB 70)

April 2006

  • Jane Patton
Status and Accountability

December 2006

  • Julie Adams
    Executive Director
Strategic Governance in Guided Pathways Implementation

October 2018

  • Hayley Ashby
    Accreditation Steering Committee Chair, Riverside City College
Strategic Planning

February 2006

  • Wheeler North
    Occupation Education Committee Chair
Strategic Planning

October 2001

  • Hoke Simpson
Strengthening Leadership

December 2008

  • Wheeler North
    Chair, Relations with Local Senates Committee
Strengthening the Counseling Voice for Guided Pathways

April 2020

  • My-Linh Nguyen
    Cuyamaca College
Striking the Right Balance: Local Control vs. System-Level Decisions

September 2015

  • David Morse
Strong Workforce Funding: A $200M Infusion for CTE and the Academic Senate’s Role

September 2016

  • Julie Bruno
    ASCCC President
  • John Stanskas
    ASCCC Vice President
Student Centered Funding and Curriculum: Keeping It Student Centered

October 2018

  • Virginia "Ginni" May
    ASCCC Treasurer, Curriculum Committee Chair
  • John Stanskas
    ASCCC President