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Latest Rostrum Articles

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Regional Advisory Boards

April 2021

  • Mayra Cruz
    ASCCC Treasurer, ASCCC CTE Leadership Committee Chair
  • Christy Coobatis
    ASCCC CTE Leadership Committee
  • Lynn Shaw
    ASCCC C-ID CTE Director
RELATIONSHIPS-Isn't that what it is all about?

September 2009

  • Dan Crump
    Chair, Relations with Local Senates Committee
Remembering an Educational Advocate

September 2014

  • Phil Crawford
    North Representative
Repeatability: Dealing with the New Regulations

September 2012

  • Julie Bruno
    Academic Senate Curriculum Committee Chair
  • David Morse
    System Advisory Committee on Curriculum Co-Chair

December 2006

  • Wheeler North
    Area D Representative
Resolving the TBA Dilemma: A Tale of Three Memos

September 2009

  • Michelle Pilati
    2008-2009 System Advisory Committee on Curriculum Co-Chair
Results of the Baccalaureate Degree Taskforce Survey to the Field

November 2015

  • John Stanskas
    ASCCC Secretary, Chair of the Taskforce
Retooling" the Curriculum for CalWORKS

January 1998

  • Jackie Butler
    Welfare Reform Ad Hoc Committee
Review of Standards

September 2006

  • Greg Granderson
    Chair, Counseling and Library Faculty Issues Committee
Reviewing, Evaluating and Improving the Curriculum Process – A Local Academic Senate Responsibility

February 2016

  • John Freitas
    ASCCC Curriculum Committee Chair
Revising the “Student Centered Funding Formula” to Incentivize Student-Focused Outcomes

April 2019

  • Julie Bruno
    ASCCC President 2016-2018
  • David Morse
    ASCCC President 2014-2016
  • Michelle Pilati
    ASCCC President 2011-2013
Revisiting Associate's Degree Standards

October 2003

  • Mark Snowhite
Revisiting Distance Education Questions from the 2005 Curriculum Institute

September 2005

  • Pat James Hanz
    Technology Committee Chair
Revisiting the 50% Law: Its Intent and Its Future

February 2021

  • Stephanie Curry
    ASCCC North Representative, ASCCC Legislative and Advocacy Committee
  • Christopher Howerton
    Woodland College, ASCCC Legislative and Advocacy Committee
  • Alexis Litzky
    City College of San Francisco, ASCCC Legislative and Advocacy Committee
Ripped from the Headlines!

March 2005

  • Dan Crump
Robert’s Rules and ASCCC Plenary Voting: A Q & A on Rights and Practices

December 2012

  • Wheeler North
Role of Subcommittees

September 2005

  • Wheeler North
    Area D Representative
Santa Barbara City College's SLO Faculty Development Project

March 2009

  • Mark Ferrer
    Faculty Resource Center Director, Santa Barbara City College
Sav(our)ing the World: A Triptych of Faculty Service

September 2005

  • Greg Gilbert
    ASCCC Secretary
SB 55 (Lowenthal) Creating a Uniform Response to Academic Senate Motions of No Confidence

November 2005

  • Jonathan Lightman
    Executive Director, Faculty Association of California Community Colleges
Searching for an Authentic Definition of Student Success

December 2012

  • Kim Harrell
    Governance and Internal Policy Committee Members
  • Carolyn Holcroft
    Governance and Internal Policy Committee Members
Selective Enforcement: Disparities in Tenure

July 2020

Faculty in support of Black Lives Matters
Senate Budget

April 2012

  • Phil Smith
    Executive Committee
Senate Roles in Administrator Searches: Survey Findings

February 2007

  • Jane Patton
    Educational Policies Committee
Senate Websites

October 2001

  • Julie Adams
    Executive Director