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Discipline List Revision
Discipline Faculty Discussing Curriculum.Priceless
Did you know:
Developmental Education Faculty Certification Program
Development Criteria for Curriculum Approval Processes
Developing Metamajors: Important Dialogue, Significant Process Evaluation, and Iterative Work
Developing Guided Pathways: The Importance of Faculty Voice and Leadership
Developing California's Plan for Perkins III
Designing Change for Student Success
Demystifying Model Curriculum: Intersegmental and Intrasegmental Model Curriculum
Democracy Commitment: ASCCC And FACCC Promote Student Engagement
Defining the Gaps: The Power of Language and the Allocation of Responsibility
Defining the CCC Baccalaureate Degree
Defining the Associate of Arts and Associate of Science
Defining New Standards for Online Counseling
Defining College and Career Readiness: Take Action Now
Defining Basic Skills: It's Harder Than You Think!
Defining A High Quality Education for All StudentsTestimony prepared for the Public Hearing of the Joint Committee to Develop a Master Plan for Education: Kindergarten through University
Defining "Basic Skills" - How Hard Can it Be?
Deconstructing Collegiality and Constructing Courageous Conversations in California Community Colleges
Decolonizing Your Syllabus, an Anti-Racist Guide for Your College
Debunking Myths Around AB 705
Dealing with Health Disparities in Nursing School
Dealing with "Non-compliant" Degrees
Data at Your Fingertips: How the CTE LaunchBoard Can Enhance Faculty Conversations About Student Success