Adherence to Distance Education Curriculum Review Requirements

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The draft on Effective Student Contact in Distance Education courses included models and examples of effective course outlines.

Whereas Title 5 section 55378 states, "Each proposed or existing course, if delivered by distance education, shall be separately reviewed and approved according to the district's certified course approval procedures," and

Whereas the Academic Senate has published guidelines for implementing curriculum review and approval of courses delivered by distance education in its paper "Curriculum Committee Review of Distance Learning Courses and Sections " (November 1995), and

Whereas chief executive officers of some community colleges and districts have sought to implement distance education courses without such a curriculum committee review and approval, and

Whereas some at the University of California and the California State University have called into question community college distance education courses which have not had their quality assured by full curriculum committee review and approval,

Resolved that the Academic Senate urge local senates to seek the timely review and approval of distance education courses in line with Title 5 sections 55316-55380 and to follow guidelines in the Academic Senate paper "Curriculum Committee Review of Distance Learning Courses and Sections " (November 1995), and

Resolved that Academic Senate direct the Executive Committee to identify models of good practice currently in place, which curriculum committees could use to develop their own guidelines for approval of technology mediated instruction that ensure a quality curriculum with appropriate methodologies for interaction between faculty and students.