Administrator Accountability

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Professional Standards
Status Report

The Senate has published papers on the new accreditation standards (Fall 2004 and Spring 2005) and offered breakouts and articles on the evaluation of administrators.

Whereas there is an increasing accountability focus on student achievements, and most of these measures focus on student achievement in courses and programs, and

Whereas faculty effectiveness is routinely figured on an FTE to FTES basis, and educational programs are routinely reviewed with regard to faculty effectiveness, student enrollment, and student outcomes, and

Whereas there is no present process for quantifying or tracking administrator accountability, and

Whereas AB 1725 states that faculty should be included in the evaluation of administrators,

Resolved the Academic Senate work to develop appropriate measures for efficiency and accountability for administrators, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate engage in discussions with the Chancellor's Office regarding appropriate measures to improve and encourage effectiveness and efficiency in the professional administration of our colleges and districts.