Allowing the Use of Credit for Prior Learning on Cal-GETC

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Whereas, The California General Education Transfer Curriculum (Cal-GETC) Standards do not allow the use of the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) and remain silent on other forms of credit for prior learning, such as military service credit, to meet any Cal-GETC areas [1][2];

Whereas, The California State University General Education Breadth (CSU GE) has allowed credit for prior learning, such as passing scores on certain College Level Examination Program exams and military service credit [3] to complete certain CSU GE areas [4];

Whereas, Credit for prior learning, such as military service credit, often entails rigorous training and exposure to diverse experiences that are comparable to formal educational settings, thus deserving recognition and credit in academic contexts; and

Whereas, The College Level Examination Program allows students to “receive college credit for what [they] already know, for a fraction of the cost of a college course” [5] and may be used as a form of credit for prior learning, thereby allowing students to “fast track their certificates and degrees, enabling them to more directly pursue their chosen careers” [6];

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges work with the faculty representatives of the University of California and the California State University through the Intersegmental Committee of Academic Senates to allow credit for prior learning, such as use of passing College Level Examination Program scores or military service credit, on the California General Education Transfer Curriculum.


1. Cal-GETC Standards p. 18:
2. Although the Cal-GETC Standards mentions Credit by Exam, it does not address other forms of Credit for Prior Learning, such as Military Service Credit.
3. See Article 4 of the California State University’s Credit for Prior Learning Policy:  The policy states that “Credit shall be awarded for a specific university course or a specific requirement. Each campus shall determine the extent to which units earned for education, training and service provided by the Armed Forces of the United States shall be applied as major, general education, or elective credit according to established campus procedures.”
6. Rostrum November 2020: