Amend Resolution 4.04 S10

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Resolutions Committee
Articulation and Transfer

Replace the second whereas:

Whereas, Transfer students who complete a minimum of 60 baccalaureate units, including general education and major preparation coursework, are experiencing a delay in reaching their educational goals due to the competitiveness for university admission as well as the disproportionate and excessive fee increases, making a bachelor’s degree out of reach for many California community college students;

Whereas, Evidence suggests a relationship between completion of an associate’s degree and subsequent completion of a bachelor’s degree and clearly shows that individuals who possess an associate’s degree can generate greater earnings to support their continued bachelor’s degree education than those with “some college,” perhaps contributing to greater completion rates; and

Amend the third whereas:

Whereas, The coursework necessary for upper-division transfer to the California State University and the University of California systems, while including the most rigorous courses offered at the California community colleges, differs from the coursework needed to earn an associate’s degree, and as a result many transfer students either leave the community college system not eligible for without an associate’s degree or must complete additional units in order to earn one; and

Amend the resolves:

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges work with the Chancellor’s Office to enact implement changes to Title 5 that would allow college districts to award an associate’s degree to California community college students who have become fully prepared for transfer to a university; such a degree is to be based on their having completed at least 60 transferable units and the general education and lower division major preparation (as posted in ASSIST) required by the university to which they have applied, in the major they have designated on their application, and to the extent that their college’s course offerings and articulation allow; and define distinct associate degree requirements for students who are attending a California community college preparing to transfer to a UC or CSU campus, and these requirements would include a minimum of 60 baccalaureate units, full certification of the IGETC or CSU GE Plan, and articulated major preparation coursework based on the upper-division transfer admission requirements of the receiving institution; and

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges recommend a policy to local senates whose colleges offer this degree to align the courses and units required for Associate Degree transfer majors so as not to exceed the lower-division major requirements at the universities and to refrain from adding any additional local general education or graduation requirements.

MSR Disposition: Referred to the Executive Committee to study and return with a recommendation in Fall 2010.