Amending the 50% Law

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These issues are currently being explored by the Assessment Action Planning Group.

This is something the Sacred Cows Workgroup is covering.

Whereas, California Education Code 84362(d) clearly establishes a minimum percentage of any community college district's apportionment that must be spent on "classroom instructor" salaries;

Whereas, The intent of California Education Code 84362 is to establish a minimum standard of commitment and financial support by community college districts for the quality instruction of students in the California Community Colleges;

Whereas, Quality instruction in today's community colleges includes the critically needed skills of counseling and library faculty members in order for colleges to offer comprehensive educational programs consistent with student success and educational opportunity; and

Whereas, Members of counseling and library faculty across the state already are subject to minimum qualifications as stipulated in California Education Code 84362(b)(1);

Resolved, That the Academic Senate work to amend California Education Code 84362(b)(1) and (d) to include the salaries of "counseling and library faculty";

Resolved, That the Academic Senate work to amend California Education Code 84362(d)such that the minimum percentage of any district's apportionment spent on classroom, library, and counseling faculty salaries increases from the present standard of 50% to a percentage that is commensurate with the inclusion of counseling and library faculty members; and

Resolved, That the Academic Senate reaffirm the importance of establishing a statutory minimum percentage of instructional expenditure by districts and the value that such a criterion has in protecting the academic standards and central importance of instruction in the California Community Colleges.