Availability Data

Resolution Number: 
Equity and Diversity

Whereas the Chancellor's Office has developed an ad hoc committee on employment availability data for use in California community college faculty hiring, and

Whereas community colleges are hiring more full-time faculty this year and effective hiring practices necessitate accurate workforce analysis (availability data), and

Whereas in all probability there will be new funding ($10 - 40 million) for full-time faculty hires,

Resolved that the Academic Senate urge the Chancellor's Office to distribute the availability data necessary to promote hiring of diverse faculty no later than September 1, 1999, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate recommend to the Chancellor's Office that the availability data categories reflect California community colleges' employment categories.

Status Report: 

The issue of availability data is now part of the new Model EEO Plan. The data are so outdated that the System Office is having the data redone to make them more current for use in the new Model EEO Plan, due in 2009.