Carl D. Perkins Funding for Public Vocational Education

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Have done so and will continue to do so in discussions of04-05 and 05-06 workforce preparation and economic development workplans.

Whereas, California Community College vocational programs depend heavily on federal dollars generated by Carl D. Perkins Vocational Technical Education Act (VTEA), and at many colleges, these funds are the only source of funding for equipment and supplies;

Whereas, Public access to vocational education is critical to maintaining a robust economy and trained workforce; and

Whereas, Current proposals to divert this funding to proprietary, for-profit institutions would greatly diminish the ability of public institutions to provide quality experiences, increase the cost and decrease access to students preparing for jobs, and as a result, severely affect California's ability to compete in the world economy;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate of the California Community Colleges strongly recommend that Vocational Technical Education Act (VTEA) funding remain a funding source targeted exclusively for public vocational education programs to support quality job preparation education.