Compressed Calendars

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Educational Policies Committee
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Not feasible as stated, but Fall 06 Breakout was held that related to this, focusing on the questions that local research can address - as well as the existing findings of others.

Whereas, There is a trend towards compressed calendars in California community colleges;

Whereas, Compressed calendars may affect all aspects of college and educational processes;

Whereas, The California community college student population is diverse and has a wide array of skills, academic needs and learning styles which may benefit from different allocations of time for learning; and

Whereas, Previous resolutions only directed the Senate to research the effect of compressed calendars on participatory governance;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges compile and disseminate existing research studies that investigate the effect of compressed calendars on such factors as student retention, course completion, student success in lecture and lab courses, pedagogy, budget, curriculum change process, class conflicts, the scheduling of instructional and non-instructional faculty, instructional support services, number of flex days and student access to child care.MSC Disposition: Local Senates