Consultation Council Assessment Task Force Recommendations

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Fred Teti
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Status Report


Whereas, The Board of Governors approved a motion at its March 2007 meeting calling for the System "to begin the process of evaluating the implementation of a systemwide uniform, common assessment with multiple measures of all community college students in consultation with the Community College League of California, Academic Senate and other community college partners for consideration and adoption by the Board of Governors by no later than November 2007";

Whereas, The Consultation Council convened a task force to address the Board's motion, chaired by the Academic Senate, and comprising representatives from the faculty (including faculty associations), chief instructional officers, students, matriculation officers, assessment directors, chief educational officers, classified staff, the Community College League of California, Chief Student Services Officers, the Research and Planning Group, and the System Office; and

Whereas, The Task Force reached consensus on a list of recommendations to forward to the Board of Governors at its November meeting, with final approval of the recommendations scheduled for the January 2008 meeting;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges include in the implementation of the second recommendation of the Task Force, which says "to increase opportunities for assessment testing in high schools," that community college faculty consult with high school faculty regarding the impact of additional class time devoted to assessment testing;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges change the wording of bullet point number six in the recommendation of the Assessment Task Force Report to read "The system should support a pilot project which explores how the course outcomes of Freshman Composition, the course one level below Freshman Composition, and the course one level above Freshman Composition, align across community colleges"; and

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges, with the proposed change noted in the second resolve, endorse the recommendations of the Consultation Council Assessment Taskforce. MSC Disposition: Board of Governors, Consultation Council, System Office, Local Senates