Dual Admissions Program

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Intersegmental Issues
Status Report

The Dual Admissions Program was discontinued in 2004 when the funding was eliminated from the UC budget.

Whereas, The Academic Senate of California Community Colleges has long supported intersegmental collaboration to further student success in transfer;

Whereas, The University of California (UC) and community college faculty and administrators have generated a proposal and an implementation plan for a Dual Admissions Program in the furtherance of such transfer goals, particularly for non-UC eligible high school students;

Whereas, Such a program is intended to increase access of community college students to UC and simultaneously urge students to consider the community college as a sound educational pathway to higher education; and

Whereas, Such a program has fiscal and resource implications for both systems and for all participating colleges and universities, particularly in the areas of curricular offerings and essential student services;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate of California Community Colleges support the concept of a Dual Admissions Program (DAP) as long as the funding is provided to ensure:
adequate resources to participating colleges to ensure sufficient and regularized offerings of general education and major preparation curriculum to permit students' academic progress toward transfer;
faculty counselors and a faculty coordinator for the DAP program to permit advising and monitoring for participating students without eroding existing services to non-DAP students;
faculty articulation officers and faculty transfer center directors, in accordance with Title 5 Regulations, whose work benefits DAP and non-DAP students alike;
fiscal officers or staff to provide critical information to participating students;
staff development funds and opportunities for training and evaluation of college faculty and staff associated with the DAP program; and

Resolved, That the Academic Senate work with its University of California faculty colleagues to implement a program that will best serve targeted students without adverse impact on other community college enrollees; and

Resolved, That the Academic Senate work to ensure that all community colleges and the communities they serve are able to participate in the dual admissions program, and that the system use this program as an opportunity to improve its commitment to providing appropriate resources, curriculum, and support for all students who desire to transfer to a baccalaureate granting institution.