Early Childhood Education/Child Development Curriculum Alignment Project Inter-Segmental Collaboration

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Patty Dilko
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Whereas, The Early Childhood Education/Child Development (ECE/CD) faculty members of the California community colleges worked closely with their California State University (CSU) colleagues on lower-division major preparation and curriculum issues related to articulation and transfer through the Intersegmental Major Preparation Articulated Curriculum (IMPAC) project between 2003 and 2006;

Whereas, This partnership has continued through the Curriculum Alignment Project (CAP) over the past two years and has inspired the CSU project entitled Integrated Preparation for Early Development, Care and Education (IPEDCE) which is considering the CAP proposal that recommends a competency-based set of foundational courses equaling 24 units; and

Whereas, The IPEDCE is sponsoring discussions among the CSU ECE faculty to consider the role of the CSU in the ECE Bachelor of Arts and how to best accommodate students' need for a smooth and effective transfer pattern between the California community colleges and California State Universities and these conversations are endorsed by the California Community Colleges Early Childhood Educators (CCCECE) organization;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate of California Community Colleges support the work of California Community College Early Childhood Education/Child Development faculty and their California State University colleagues who worked on the CAP project in the development of the 24-unit, lower-division, competency-based package for foundational courses which may be developed into transfer package agreements; and

Resolved, That Academic Senate of California Community Colleges seek ways to promote the results of this intersegmental collaboration whenever possible within discussions at the California Community College and the California State University System Offices. MSC Disposition: Early Childhood Educators, Local Senates