Education Code Revision for Faculty Hiring

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Concerns over opening up Education Code to additional unwanted changes have stalled any effort to move forward with this proposal.

Whereas, California Education Code 87360(b) specifies that policies for faculty hiring shall be developed and agreed upon jointly by the governing board and the academic senate;

Whereas, Twelve years have elapsed since California Education Code 87360(b) was written pursuant to AB 1725 and new district faculty hiring policies were developed through joint agreement; and

Whereas, Districts may seek to revise their existing hiring policies;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate support adding clauses (d) and (e) to the existing California Education Code 87360: (d) All revisions to the district's board policy on faculty hiring shall be reached through joint agreement between the governing board and academic senate (e) Until a joint agreement is reached and approved pursuant to subdivision (d), the existing district process shall remain in effect.

Resolved, That the Academic Senate work towards adding the words "and revisions" to the title of 87360 as follows: 87360. Development and revisions of criteria; inclusions; agreement; process in effect prior to agreement.