Emeritus for Hoke Simpson

Resolution Number
Assigned to
Executive Director
Academic Senate
Status Report

The Senate Office updated information to designate Hoke as Senator Emeritus with all the privileges granted to him including free fall and spring plenary registration and Rostrum publications.

Whereas, The Bylaws of the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges include procedures and criteria for conferring the status of senator emeritus on individuals, and Hoke Simpson has satisfied those requirements as a retired faculty member of the California Community College System who has completed more than the required five (5) years of significant service to the Academic Senate:

  • Executive Committee member from 1997-2003
  • Academic Senate President, Vice President, and Representative At-Large
  • Chaired or served on various committees including Educational Policies, Budget Committee, Relations with Local Senates, Matriculation Advisory Committee, ICAS, and several technology committees
  • Co-authored several papers, championed diversity, and reminded everyone that “it’s the funding, stupid”
  • A colleague and leader who inspired, facilitated, articulated, led, composed, sang, and strummed his way into the hearts and minds of faculty across the state;

Whereas, Hoke created and implemented the Chuck Berry style of management and fulfilled the vital role of "philosopher king" on the Educational Policies Committee, provoking wide-ranging, thoughtful, eclectic debates that resulted in landmark papers on the future of the community college, planning and budget, and faculty hiring;

Whereas, Hoke, as president, always encouraged others to voice their opinions and thereby created fertile ground for the creative development of fundamental educational policy -- perhaps best exemplified by the unofficial bumper sticker slogan "Academic Senate -- Making the World Safe for Introverts"; and

Whereas, Hoke, as president, delivered a memorable and inspiring series of “State of the Senate” speeches featuring the chancellor on a bicycle, God and the Devil debating the mission of the community colleges, and assorted country singer/songwriters fixing the “Desert of the Real”;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges recognize Hoke Simpson’s extraordinary and distinguished service by awarding him the status of senator emeritus with all rights and privileges thereof; and

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges convey to Hoke Simpson its heartfelt congratulations during his retirement and wish him and his family every happiness in the years to come.

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