Encouragement of Students to Become Faculty

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The student success part of student equity program is a beginning step in building a pipeline for future community college faculty; this begins with a college climate that welcomes students and includes faculty and staff that foster a supportive learning community. The FACCC/Senate Workshop on student success in April 1997 was built on this theme of student success. The development of a model to encourage students to become community college faculty has not been met and will be a goal for 1997-98.

Planning has begun for the AA to MA initiative, which would finally address this very old resolution.

Whereas the need for new community college teachers will continue to increase as more faculty retire in the next five years, and

Whereas many of our community college students are a possible source of new community college teachers,

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges direct the Executive Committee to develop a model that would include ways that community college faculty may encourage our current students to teach in community colleges. M/S/C Disposition: Executive Committee