Ensuring Access and Opportunity for Success for All Students Through AB 705 (Irwin, 2017) Implementation

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Curriculum Committee
Status Report

2019-2020: Some dialogue at 5C and at Plenary sessions, also GP regionals focused on evaluation of 705. September 2020 Executive Committee agenda item II. B. (approve paper- Optimizing Student Success: A Report on Placement in English and Mathematics Pathways) addressed this resolution.

Whereas, The mission of California Community Colleges specifically includes providing remedial education for those in need of it (Education Code Section 66010.4);

Whereas, AB 705 (Irwin, 2017) explicitly refers to students who seek a goal other than transfer and who are in certificate or degree programs with specific requirements that are not met with transfer-level coursework, and stipulates that a community college district or college maximize the probability that a student will enter and complete the required college-level coursework in English and mathematics within a one-year timeframe (Education Code Section 78213);

Whereas, AB 705 (Irwin, 2017) implementation does not require the elimination of developmental or pre-transfer courses that could provide access and foundational skills to many underprepared students, yet in response to the legislation many colleges have eliminated all or most of their credit developmental mathematics, English, and basic skills courses, which could deny access and impede success for many students seeking to obtain a higher education;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges remind all stakeholders that the mission of California Community Colleges and the intent of AB 705 is to serve all students, including those who seek a goal other than transfer and those who may benefit from developmental coursework;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges recommend that local senates work with their Chief Instructional Officers to ensure that sufficient developmental, remedial, pretransfer, and/or basic skills courses continue to be offered in order to ensure access and opportunity for success for all students; and

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges request that the California Community College Chancellor’s Office provide further guidance and clarification to colleges in order to ensure that AB 705 is implemented accurately and in accordance with their mission, so that all students have access to a community college education regardless of their educational goals or level of preparation.