Executive Committee Members at Geocluster Meeting

Resolution Number: 
Academic Senate

Whereas the Relations with Local Senates Committee, comprised of geocluster leaders, is chaired by an Executive Committee member who serves as the liaison between the geoclusters and the Executive Committee, and

Whereas two previous Academic Senate Resolutions (1.3.0 595 and 1.16.0 S95) directed Executive Committee members to provide written communication to local senates regarding their activities and to provide local senates with technical assistance, thereby facilitating the communication link between local senates and the Executive Committee, and

Whereas establishing a date for geocluster meetings that is convenient for an Executive Committee member to attend is soften difficult,

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges be notified of the dates of geocluster meetings and be invited but not required to attend those meetings.
M/S/C Disposition: Executive Committee, Local Senates

Status Report: 

The Committee discussed this issue as part of its many discussions on the possible improvement of the Geocluster System (S97 17.02)