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The Chancellor's office MQ Workgroup has discussed convening discipline faculty in a DIG-like format in spring 2017. The creation of "sub-disciplines" would be explored in those meetings. 2017 - 18: A task force will be created to address this resolution.

Whereas, The discussions and recommendations of the 2015 Board of Governors Task Force on Workforce, Job Creation, and a Strong Economy included extended consideration of minimum qualifications for career technical education (CTE) faculty, as some districts report difficulty with finding faculty who meet minimum qualifications to teach in their CTE programs;

Whereas, One frequently proposed solution to issues regarding difficulty in hiring CTE faculty who meet minimum qualifications is a reconsideration of single-course equivalency, but Legal Opinion L 03-28 (R. Black, 2004) states that “a district is not authorized to establish a single course equivalency as a substitute for meeting minimum qualifications in a discipline,” and Academic Senate Resolution 10.09 S02 affirms the ASCCC’s opposition to single-course and sub-disciplines equivalency;

Whereas, The 2016 California Budget Trailer Bill Language (February 1, 2016) calls on the Community College System to “Eliminate barriers to hiring qualified instructors for career technical education courses, including reevaluating the required minimum qualifications for career technical education instructors,” and thus considerable legislative pressure may be exerted regarding the reform of the minimum qualifications process; and

Whereas, Certain disciplines are indeed very broad in scope, and an exploration of creating within broad disciplines a number of more narrowly defined disciplines as recommended by the discipline faculty through the ASCCC’s Disciplines List Process might be both prudent in the face of possible legislative pressure and beneficial for community college CTE programs and the communities they serve;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges work with discipline faculty and other interested stakeholders to explore the possibility of creating within existing CTE disciplines more narrowly defined disciplines when discipline faculty deem such a discussion to be potentially beneficial.