Explore the Transcription of Low-unit Career Technical Education Certificates

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Career Technical Education

Whereas, Many career technical education (CTE) certificates consisting of 18 or more units may take two to three years for students to complete, a significant delay to students’ entry into the workforce;

Whereas, Many certificates can be modularized into meaningful subsequences of courses that have both a focused set of learning objectives and are connected to desired skill sets; and

Whereas, Low-unit certificates of fewer than 12 units, even if they are modularized parts of approved CTE certificates of 18 units or higher, cannot be submitted for approval to the California Community College Chancellor’s Office and therefore may not appear on students’ transcripts;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges investigate the positive and negative impacts of transcription of CTE certificates of fewer than 12 units, including methods through which such a practice could be facilitated, and report the results of this research by Spring 2014.