Faculty/Student Demographics

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Equity and Diversity

Whereas 76.3% (see Appendix B) of community college full-time faculty are white and 81% of part-time faculty are white, and

Whereas the community college student population consists of a majority of historically underrepresented students, and

Whereas it is important that students identify culturally and demographically with their faculty,

Resolved that the Academic Senate urge local academic senates to make every effort to follow affirmative action hiring policies that will result in a faculty that is closer demographically and culturally to the community college student population, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate direct the Executive Committee to work with the Chancellor's Office to re-establish Affirmative Action Technical Advisory teams to train community college faculty hiring committees and to assess the accountability of community colleges in their hiring of diverse faculty.

Work with the Chancellor's Office to reconstitute its Diversity Hiring Technical Assistance teams to include substantial faculty representation appointed by the AS, and to proceed on the assumption that all campuses would profit, in the wake of Proposition 209, from a renewed emphasis on diversity hiring procedures and best practices.
Status Report: 

EEO has been added to the charge for EDAC.