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This work was completed in a series of activities stemming from the F98 Futures paper that led to the Real Cost of Education project of the Board of Governors, Rostrum articles on corporatization and Senate participation in the System Strategic Plan. The President is creating an ad hoc futures subgroup for new activities.

Whereas, Current funding for California Community Colleges is far below the national average and the community colleges receives just one-half the amount of California State University (CSU) and one-fourth the amount of University of California (UC) per-student funding for undergraduate education;

Whereas, The current funding structures perpetuate an educational inequity that disproportionally impacts working people and those historically underrepresented in higher education; and

Whereas, The Joint Committee on the Master Plan for Higher Education presents an opportunity for the California Community College System to insist upon a more equitable funding structure;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate research and develop a vision of the ideal community college system (as if funding were no object); and

Resolved, That the Academic Senate present this vision as a paper at a future plenary session and, if adopted, use it as a tool to inform and enlarge discussions in such venues as the Master Plan Committee.