Hate Crimes

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Revisions to the Department of Education's Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act of 1990 now require separate reporting of hate crimes.

Whereas the Internet provider Yahoo reports that it has shut down 37 racist websites, but many others continue to flourish, and

Whereas nearly 2,000 hate crimes were reported in 1998 in the United States, according to Response (Summer/Fall 1999, Vol. II), and

Whereas violence and hate crimes among students as reported by the media seem particularly disturbing,

Resolved that the Academic Senate encourage local senates and local boards of trustees to implement policies of zero tolerance on their campuses for hate crimes (including those that may have been termed "vandalism" in the past) and for guns and other weapons, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate recommend that local academic senates encourage their campus police/security departments to report hate crimes as a separate category in the report required of each college by federal law, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate recommend that local senates encourage positive student activities and studies to prevent hate crimes, violence, and prejudicial attitudes on college campuses.