Increased Support for Lab-Based and Hard-to-Convert Courses During Emergencies

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Faculty Development

Whereas, Lab-based courses and hard-to-convert courses in other disciplines may need to be moved into an exclusively online format due to pandemics and other natural disasters;

Whereas, While most people may believe that hard-to-convert courses are largely science-based, other lab-based disciplines are also subject to discipline-specific challenges and limitations, including but not limited to nursing, fire science, performing and fine arts, CE/CTE, ASL, kinesiology and physical education, early child development, communication studies, and anthropology;

Whereas, Faculty may not have the time or resources needed to obtain specialized equipment and to conduct simultaneous assessment of pedagogical growth that supports a successful online class or section, and lack of such resources may impede successful online learning; and

Whereas, Students in these courses need to demonstrate and the faculty must assess skill sets and real-time mastery of course learning objectives for certification or transfer requirements under face-to-face supervision;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges urge the Chancellor’s Office to increase funding and professional development offerings to colleges in order to address the ongoing needs of discipline-specific hard-to-convert courses that may need to be offered online.