Leadership Development

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Academic Senate
Status Report

CCLDI now operates autonomously from the Chancellor's Office. The Academic Senate has no involvement in the program.

Whereas, The Community College Leadership Development Institute (CCLDI) states that its central function is to provide education and training for community college faculty, trustees and administrators in leadership roles, but has had minimal faculty participation, and no formal representation by the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges, was developed outside the required system consultation process, and has not been subject to the collegial consultation processes expected for faculty professional development programs;

Whereas, CCLDI has sought legislation (SB 894, successor to AB 475) to obtain funding for and to establish its Institute as the gateway to further community college leadership development training (including a doctoral fellows program, a "leadership fellows" program, and certificate programs for both faculty and administrative leaders) in a Memorandum of Understanding with Claremont Graduate University (CGU), a private, selective institution with a philosophy counter to the open access, inclusive philosophy of the California Community Colleges;

Whereas, The legislation would vest a small steering committee drawn from the CCLDI Board and CGU with the responsibility to establish community college leadership training and research priorities for the state, determine the criteria and procedures for selection of participants and select the participants as well as recipients of financial awards; and

Whereas, Both the University of California (UC) and the California State University (CSU) have programs and services relevant to community college leadership, and have recently expressed interest in the development of similar leadership and research institutes, faculty seminars, as well as expanded doctorate programs related to community colleges;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate reaffirm its resolution (1.02 F00)calling for the reconstitution of the effort regarding leadership development in a democratic and accountable structure that includes representation of the Academic Senate and other faculty organizations;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate support a comprehensive approach to the development of community college leadership programs that would include a central role for the public institutions of higher education in California (UC and CSU), expressly address the development of collaborative and collegial leadership capacities and competencies, be widely accessible and open to participants with diverse backgrounds and viewpoints, and address diversity and inclusion as a fundamental principle of organization; and

Resolved, That the Academic Senate urge the Chancellor to collaborate with the Academic Senate in designing leadership programs that establish fair and inclusive selection criteria, and that build upon the resources of the public sector to ensure that programs addressing community college issues are of high quality and are broadly responsive to the needs of community college students as well as those of faculty, staff, and administrators.