Learning Centers (19.11 S96 Postponed)

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Relations with Local Senates Committee
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A letter was to have been sent out on this issue in Spring 1997. Perhaps this can be confirmed. Regardless, this issue is no longer of concern and should be considered completed.

Whereas an increasing number of students are coming to community colleges lacking the basic skills necessary to be successful. Although effective interactive computerized instructional materials are becoming available and affordable, most developmental students are not ready to deal with a computer as their sole source of instruction thus requiring the Learning Centers and Tutorial Centers to be called upon to provide basic skills remediation, and

Whereas Learning Centers and Tutorial Centers must continue to play an increasingly prominent role in the delivery of alternate forms of instruction, and

Whereas future Learning and Tutorial Centers may well be the vehicles through which colleges will compete with short-term private schools offering all kinds of training, and

Whereas on most campuses, Learning Assistance and Tutorial personnel do not have an entree for sufficient representation in college governance structures (i.e., budget, space allocation, and in some cases, faculty senates);

Resolved that the Academic Senate support the recognition of Learning Centers on campuses and state that this recognition in no way restricts each individual campus from addressing its unique needs, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate support the concept that faculty in these Learning Centers either constitute a separate department or have the same rights as other faculty in the department, division, cluster, etc., to which they are or will be assigned, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate urge local senates to ensure that all faculty have the opportunity to participate in college governance.