Maintain Local Autonomy over Degree Requirements

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Articulation and Transfer
Status Report

AB440 (Beall, 2009) was withdrawn by the author. However, Senate representatives will continue to advocate for principles noted in this resolution during future legislative attempts.

Whereas, Assembly Bill 440 (Beall), in an attempt to remove perceived barriers to transfer for community college students, recently proposed legislation that would remove local autonomy for degrees by placing degree requirements into statute and could effectively lead to legislative curriculum dictates;

Whereas, Placing any degree requirements in statute is in direct contradiction to Education Code §70902(b)(7), which clearly puts responsibility for curriculum and academic standards under the joint responsibility of the local board and the academic senates of a district;

Whereas, Title 5 already grants community colleges the right to develop degrees with a minimum of 60 transferable semester units consisting of an approved transfer general education program (e.g., IGETC or CSU GE) and a major or area of emphasis as locally defined, and allows local colleges the ability to create degree variations that best serve their students’ ability to transfer; and

Whereas, The Academic Senate for California Community Colleges previously affirmed its support for local autonomy in several of the 10+1 areas, including curriculum (Resolution 6.02 F03 and 18.03 F07);

Resolved, The Academic Senate for California Community Colleges oppose any legislation that seeks to alter its curriculum, degree, and certificate requirements and reaffirm its support of local autonomy and faculty primacy over the same.

MSC Disposition: Chancellor’s Office, Local Senates