In Memory of Jonnah Laroche

Resolution Number
Annette Cordero
Assigned to
Academic Senate

Whereas Jonnah Laroche, beloved former president of the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges passed away July 12. 1994, and

Whereas Jonnah Laroche as president of the Academic Senate from 1982-1983 through her leadership and support inaugurated concerns for the academic standards and academic rigor in the community colleges which eventually culminated in the AB 1725 reform legislation, and

Whereas Jonnah Laroche, the first faculty member on the Board of Governors (1984-1989) was reappointed three times and demonstrated exemplary faculty involvement and commitment as a Board member, and

Whereas among her many contributions to the Senate. Jonnah Laroche developed the Senate logo which she worked to create with her colleagues at Allan Hancock College, and

Whereas Jonnah Laroche issued the challenge to faculty to increase underrepresented student transfers through mentoring which inspired the Senate document. "Student Mentoring: Responding to the Laroche Challenge." and

Whereas in memory of Jonnah Laroche, her husband Roger has created a memorial scholarship for community college students,

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges dedicate the 1994 Fall Session to the memory of Jonnah Laroche, and

Resolved that the Senate accept with gratitude to Roger Laroche, the scholarship fund and accept the responsibility to administer the scholarship fund, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate continue to remember Jonnah Laroche and her many contributions to the Senate, the success of students, and to the overall academy.
Adopted by Acclamation
M/S/A Disposition: Local Senates. Board of Governors