Noncredit Funding

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Budget and Finance
Status Report

The Senate has had representation at the discussion for implementation of the noncredit apportionment under SB361 and will continue to be represented in the attendant discussion of quality standards.

Whereas, There are currently budget proposals to raise apportionment for some noncredit FTES to the same level as credit FTES;

Whereas, The Academic Senate for California Community Colleges adopted Resolution 5.02 F04 that supports efforts to remedy the disparity between noncredit and credit funding without taking away from the current level of credit funding; and

Whereas, A change in funding would greatly affect many areas of noncredit offerings;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges work to assure that any apportionment of noncredit FTES at the level of credit FTES be reviewed by the appropriate parties and that the quality criteria of such noncredit instruction be compared with comparable quality criteria for credit instruction to include but not be limited to minimum qualifications for instructors, instructor pay, full-time-to-part-time instructor ratio, curriculum approval processes, program development, student fees, student residency requirements, financial aid, and library and counseling support services.