Occupational Education Committees as Subcommittees of the Local Senate

Resolution Number: 
Career Technical Education

Whereas the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges has a standing occupation education committee, and

Whereas there are multiple special funds for vocational education such as VTEA, Economic Development, WIA, etc., provided to community colleges, and

Whereas the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges has primary responsibilities for the development of curriculum, including vocational education programs, skills certificates courses, TANF and CalWORKs courses, and

Whereas delivery of courses and curriculum rests with faculty,

Resolved that the Academic Senate recommend to local academic senates that they establish occupational education committees as subcommittees of local academic senates to serve as a resource to local senates making recommendations such as: prioritization of the use of VTEA, Economic Development and other state and federal funds targeted to workforce preparation.

Status Report: 

The committee completed and submitted an article that was published in the Spring 2001 Rostrum concerning the need for an occupational education sub committee of the local senate. That article was used during Leadership Seminar to encourage faculty to create sub committees of local senates that focus on occupational education issues.