Online Course Outline Repository with OSCAR

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Curriculum Committee
Intersegmental Issues
Status Report

Held task group meeting on topic; scheduled a meeting w/ the director of ASSIST, Eric Taggart for Spring 2004.

Whereas, The ASSIST project has successfully piloted an Online System for Curriculum and Articulation Review (OSCAR) to enable community colleges to submit course outlines electronically for review by UC and CSU faculty who evaluate them for IGETC and CSU Breadth compliance;

Whereas, These online submissions, if made available to other community college faculty, may be useful in designing and improving their own curricular offerings; and

Whereas, These online submissions may be of ultimate value for sharing among articulation officers, thereby expediting review and increasing course-to-course and program articulation among colleges and our transfer partners;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges explore with the ASSIST Board the logistical considerations of creating a voluntary statewide, online course outline repository system and to pursue such a project if deemed feasible for articulation and curricular development.