Oppose AB 928 (Berman, 2021) as of April 9, 2021

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The ASCCC submitted an Oppose Letter to AB 928 on April 17, 2021. 

Whereas, AB 928 (Berman, 2021) proposes an Associate Degree for Transfer Intersegmental Implementation Committee, a body of 16 to 24 members including only one faculty representative from the California Community Colleges system, to serve as the primary entity charged with the oversight of the associate degrees for transfer (ADTs):

Whereas, Existing faculty-led intersegmental oversight bodies and workgroups such as the Intersegmental Committee of Academic Senates, the Intersegmental Curriculum Workgroup, and the C-ID Advisory Committee already exist and continue to develop, align, modify, and improve transfer pathways and processes for ADTs and other transfer opportunities;

Whereas, Automatically placing a student on an associate degree for transfer pathway with the clause that “a student may opt out for a terminal local associate degree or a University of California equivalent transfer pathway” (AB 928, Berman, 2021) inhibits and obscures other viable and valuable options for students, especially place-bound or first-generation students, such as local transfer degrees, baccalaureate degrees, and, moreover, the self-agency that is afforded to students entering as freshmen in the California State University, University of California, and other four-year institutions, essentially setting up a tracking system for students that enter the community college pathway; and

Whereas, Although AB 928’s consideration of a change regarding unit limits for associate degrees for transfer in STEM pathways is welcomed and needed, elements of the bill such as a single general education pathway for both the California State University and University of California will reduce valuable course options for CSU- bound students and ultimately eliminate community college faculty purview in regard to academic and curricular requirements;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges oppose AB 928 (Berman, 2021) Student Transfer Achievement Reform Act of 2021: Associate Degree for Transfer Intersegmental Implementation Committee as of April 9, 2021.