Part-time Faculty Award

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Standards and Practices Committee
Academic Senate
Status Report

Beginning in 2013 - 14, the Hayward Award was modified to specify that two out of the four areas would nominate only part-time faculty. For example, in 2013 - 14, Areas A and D, would nominate part-time faculty and Areas C and D would nominate only full-time faculty. Each year the process will be reversed.

Whereas, In the Fall of 2010, the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges passed a resolution (01.05) creating a yearly award for a part-time faculty member “that recognizes excellence in teaching and outstanding contributions to the campus environment and to student success, and that the award amount and presentation be consistent with other comparable faculty awards given by the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges”;

Whereas, This resolution was addressed by the Academic Senate Foundation awarding a scholarship for part-time faculty specific to attendance at institutes and plenary sessions, and by the Academic Senate clarifying that part-time faculty are eligible for any of the Senate Awards; and

Whereas, The possibility of a part-time faculty member being awarded any of the existing Senate Awards is limited given that a full-time faculty member’s opportunities to serve professionally are much greater than those afforded by part-time faculty members;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges honor the original spirit and intent of the Fall 2010 resolution (01.05) and create a yearly award for part-time faculty that follows criteria for excellence in part-time faculty contributions, and that is similar to the Hayward Award.