Performance Based Funding

Resolution Number
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Consultation with the Chancellor's Office
Status Report

Paper was published and widely distributed. Action steps accomplished.

Whereas the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges has consistently advocated the importance of accountability and appropriate assessment but has adopted resolutions opposing performance based funding and the Partnership for Excellence, and

Whereas the Governor's current budget contains funding for the Partnership to be distributed on the basis of performance, setting the indicators and directing the Board of Governors to come to consensus with CPEC, Department of Finance, Legislative Analyst, and the Department of Education, and

Whereas the Chancellor has worked to put performance based funding into legislation via AB 2005 (Migden), and

Whereas much of the material in the paper has been previously published as testimony to the Board of Governors, in the Academic Senate Rostrum, presented at Plenary Sessions and adopted as a paper of the Executive Committee,

Resolved that the Academic Senate adopt the paper, "Performance Based Funding: A Faculty Critique and Action Agenda," and

Resolved that the Academic Senate direct the Executive Committee to implement the action steps contained in the paper.