Planning and Budget Paper

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The paper was published and posted on the Senate website. Goal was declared complete by Executive Committee September 03.

Whereas, Resolution 5.07 F99 calls for a paper on "best practices in planning and budget processes";

Whereas, The Academic Senate for California Community Colleges currently has no papers in this area; and

Whereas, In order for best practices to be identified, it is necessary to have standards identifying what best practices would be;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate accept the paper The Faculty Role in Planning and Budgeting and adopt as an initial statement the principles or standards by which best practices in the areas of planning and budgeting may be identified, and which may be used by local senates as they work to develop and improve their colleges' planning and budget processes;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate produce a follow-up paper composed of models of best practices in planning and budgeting processes as found in community colleges throughout California; and

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for the California Community Colleges include among the listed principles of paper The Faculty Role in Planning and Budgeting (on pages 20 & 21):
The academic senate should take responsibility for ensuring that college-wide priorities and programs (such as general education as well as new programs) are addressed in the planning and budget processes;
The academic senate that has responsibility for hiring criteria, policies, and processes, should have a principal role in hiring and allocation of FTEF, and primary responsibility for developing priorities for faculty hiring.