Procedure and Criteria for Conferring 'Senator Emeritus' Status

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Executive Director
Academic Senate
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Changes have been incorporated into the published Bylaws.

Whereas, The Academic Senate Bylaws include provision for conferring the status of senator emerituson individuals; and

Whereas, TheAcademic Senate Bylaws include no procedure or criteria for conferring the status of senator emeritus;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges amend its Bylaws as follows to include procedure and criteria for the Executive Committee to use in conferring senator emeritus status on those we wish to honor for their extraordinary contributions to this organization: Article I, Section 1 (G) Senator Emeritus: A Senator Emeritus is a current or former faculty member who has been recognized through adopted resolution by the Delegates for outstanding contributions that have supported the aims and functions of this organization. Senator Emeriti have no voting privileges.A title conferred by the Academic Senate for the purpose of recognizing the meritorious service of a faculty member upon or after retirement.

i. Criteria

Emeritus status may be conferred upon a current or former faculty member

1.Who has completed at least five (5) years of significant service to the Academic Senate;

2.Who is recognized for exceptional contributions supporting the aims and functions of the Academic Senate; and

3. Who has retired or submitted intent to retire within six months of the nominating resolution.

ii. Selection

1.Senator emeritus status is conferred by resolution.

2.Resolutions for emeritus status must come from area meetings.MSC Disposition: Local Senates