Quality of Instruction

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Whereas, Many colleges are still developing courses that require sufficient time for reading, writing, critical reflection, extended instructor assessment, and instructor student communication, long term problem solving, and open-ended lab work;

Whereas, The trend of offering community college courses in ever-shortened time frames can create time constraint pressures on students and instructors that inhibit effective student learning; and

Whereas, Offering such classes in abbreviated time frames to students who are eager to complete a class for which they are substantially under-prepared in a truncated time seems a misguided way of creating greater convenience for students;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate urge communitycolleges to refrain from offering any courses of three or more semester units in any alternative delivery time frames other than full-term except with the consent of the tenured discipline faculty and the curriculum committee.

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Localcurriculum chairs will be contacted on the ASCCC Curriculum listserv as partof an introductory statement for AY 04/05 and requested to encourage thedisbursement of appropriate COR to all new faculty.