Redirection of Unused Growth Funding for Noncredit

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Budget and Finance
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The Senate's representatives to the Consultation Council worked with other constituent groups to support System goals. However, the System was not successful in arguing for unused growth funds to be redirected in this way.

Whereas, Noncredit programs offer courses essential, important, and vital to the mission of the California community colleges;

Whereas, Over 800,000 students enroll in noncredit courses and programs every year, and these noncredit programs and courses provide a demonstrated gateway to enrollment in credit, entry or re-entry into employment, and critical life skills;

Whereas, Noncredit apportionment funding is only 56% of credit apportionment funding and the Academic Senate supports efforts to remedy the disparity in funding between credit and noncredit courses and programs (5.02 F02); and

Whereas, For several years the System Office has recommended increased funding for noncredit, as well as recently supporting a redirection of a portion of unused 2005-2006 growth funds to increase funding for noncredit;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges strongly support system efforts to redirect a portion of unused 2005-2006 growth funds for increasing noncredit apportionment.MSC Disposition: Board of Governors, Consultation Council, Local Senates