Resolution in Support of Using Local Research in the Design of Courses in Abbreviated Time Frames

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Whereas, The existing pool of research concerning courses offered in abbreviated time frames is generally inadequate and inconclusive with regards to what may constitute significant tradeoffs of content, rigor, grade distribution and service to students between traditional and abbreviated course offerings;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges recommend that local senates work with their curriculum committees and administrations to conduct their own local research to ensure that courses offered in abbreviated time frames meet the same standards as courses taught in traditional term lengths (semester/quarter) with reference to content, assignments, grading, retention, achievement of learning outcomes, and linkages to support services, and that decisions to offer such courses be based on an ongoing examination of local research.

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Partially Completed. Item was included in the Feb 05listserv message. May also be appropriate as an Area listserv message tolocal senate presidents.