Resources for Racial Justice and Critical Race Theory

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Equity and Diversity Action Committee
Diversity and Equity

Whereas, Racial justice practices have been called for in 2020 by the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges, California Community College Chancellor’s Office, and the Student Senate for California Community Colleges to address systemic racism;

Whereas, Critical Race Theory is an academic concept established in the 1970s in Critical Legal Studies by legal scholars who were interested in assessing the outcomes of civil rights laws on our society and the role that racism continues to play in our everyday actions and which has since informed other disciplines by providing a theoretical framework through a racial justice and equity-minded lens;

Whereas, Since its introduction in academia, Critical Race Theory, as a theoretical practice of critique, has played an essential role in challenging the Eurocentric foundations in academia as well as encouraging dialogue and actions to address systemwide inequities at our colleges; and

Whereas, By exercising their right to academic freedom, faculty have been able to introduce critical race theory, critical thinking in teaching and learning, and other racial and social justice focused theories-to-practice that have served to diversify and rethink college curriculums with the intentional goal of providing students with a more accurate and comprehensive understanding of the how race and racism permeates all aspects of society;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges recognize Critical Race Theory as a well-established school of thought and racial justice framework and support the right of California community college faculty to utilize Critical Race Theory as well as other theories relevant to their disciplines; and

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges by fall 2022 provide a resource to define Critical Race Theory and its importance and tools for faculty and colleges to utilize Critical Race Theory in anti-racist education, teaching, and learning.